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Guide to WOW Classic Loatheb Naxx Boss with Quick Tips & Drops

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    March 10, 2021 7:53 PM PST

    WOW Classic Loatheb boss is encountered in the Plague Wing of Naxxramas raid. You can focus on the following quick tips to help you defeat Loatheb easily. Once defeated, you can be able to loot its drops, like The Eye of Nerub, Brimstone Staff and more.

    Quick tips for killing WOW Classic Loatheb

    1. Tanks
    As for Main Tank, they should deal as much threat as possible while pulling Loatheb and should keep the treat throughout the fight.
    2. Melee DPS
    Warrior and Rogue melee damage dealers should watch out for their own health pool first, because healers can only gain one heal every 60 seconds. They need to keep away from Loatheb and bandage themselves if necessary. What's more, they also need to pick up Fungal Bloom debuff as much as possible. After getting the debuff, they should get right back on Loatheb and keep pumping.
    3. Ranged DPS
    The same as Melee DPS, Ranged DPS also need to take care of their health and pick up Fungal Bloom debuff.

    Drops from WOW Classic Loatheb

    When you defeat Loatheb, you can be able to get these drops:
    Splinter of Atiesh
    Desecrated Legplates: tier 3 token for Warrior and Rogue
    Desecrated Leggings: tier 3 token for Priest, Mage and Warlock
    Desecrated Legguards: tier 3 token for Paladin, Hunter, Shaman and Druid
    Band of Unnatural Forces
    The Eye of Nerub
    Ring of Spiritual Fervor
    Brimstone Staff
    Loatheb's Reflection

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